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“Oh Canada!” or “I’ll bet it’s cold at Napken Lake right now!”

Feb 2, 2020

The beginning of February and it’s 70 degrees outside! (I live in Florida now. Just keep saying to yourself – “happy wife, happy life”)  🙂

Today I received an unexpected email from a fellow Napken Lake visitor. I’ll call him Kory. That’s his real name, so you can call him Kory as well. As we left Napken Lake last year, one of the guys who was incoming jumped out of the plane and instantly greeted  me and mentioned that he had read my stories on this site. I was a bit surprised to hear him say that, not sure I ever expected to meet anyone who had visited my website, and since I had just met someone on the dock when we came in a week before, that meant that I had at least TWO verified visitors to my site!

Anyway, Kory sent me an email detailing the phenomenal success they had during their week at Napken and I wanted to share a bit of it with you. (Yes, you – my THIRD visitor!)

Here’s a direct quote from the email:

“Our group put some really good numbers on the board during our week including 32 fish over 30 inches, a 40′, 43″ and a 45″ 23 lbs absolute tank. which was really remarkable and kept a bunch of Canadian muskie fishermen happy”

Sounds like they had a really good week. I asked Kory what the weather was like and he said that the wind died down on the Sunday and they had light rain with mild winds the rest of the time. Good for them!

Anyway – thanks Kory. I makes me feel good to have made another friend who enjoys the same things I do. i hope we can keep in touch once or twice a year and swap stories of our recent trips.

Here’s some of the pictures Kory sent to me – some real monsters here.

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